The Zombie Blitz Edit

Suddenly, during the 21st century, there was a transformation of Earth inhabitants into zombies, and it was not possible to find the cause and the origin of this virus.

There were no vaccines ready to cure this spreading pandemy, therefore the only possible way to fight these infected masses was to kill them all. This sudden rise of zombies was called Zombie Blitz.

The Beginning of War Edit

Two organizations were born after the incident, formed by the zombie blitz's survivors:

  • Union, the militia group
  • NewNation, the military group
Union new nation

The war against zombies started, and the world seemed to react. But this apparent peace lasted short.

A new type of zombie, mutant zombies, arose from the dead corpses of the killed zombies, and the world had to face a new zombie blitz, once again.

The rise of the Hunters Edit

To decimate the hordes of mutant zombies, the most powerful organization had to be called to army: the Hunters.

Hunters are the strongest military forces and are considered as indestructible.