The Story Mode is the single player campaign of ZBlitz.

The aim is to discover what is causing so many citizens to turn into zombies, and how to prevent this catastrophe to continue over and over. Hunters are recruited in order to fight the masses of zombies and to discover the truth behind the infection.

The Story Mode is divided into stages, and each stage has a specific environment where the action takes place, as specified in the Story Map page.

Within a stage, players find more than 10 levels to challenge themselves with, each containing special missions which must be achieved in order to reach a higher score and collect three stars - the maximum.
Stage 1

Each mission can be played in Normal, Hard or Hell Mode. Each mode is unlocked by completing the previous one with three stars.

When selecting a stage, a box is shown on the right , containing all the information about that level.

  • What is your current purify rate (maximum percentage of zombies killed achieved in one run)
  • How many Hearts are needed to start the level
  • How many trials are available to complete the mission
  • The objectives needed to complete each of the stars (they change when Normal, Hard or Hell Modes are selected)
  • The available and possible loots when the stage is cleared
  • The modes unlocked