This is a list of all in game currencies which can be found in ZBlitz. Each of these can be used to achieve various goals, and can be earned through different methods.

Currency Usage Collection method
Hearts The primary currency of Story Mode. Without Hearts you cannot start a mission in Story Mode.
  • Normal missions cost 5 Hearts
  • Hard missions cost 10 Hearts
  • Hell missions cost 15 Hearts
  • The easiest way is to just wait as your hearts regenerate over time. You receive 1 heart every 2 minutes.
  • You can also obtain hearts by completing various daily quests and achievements. The amount differs per quest you complete.
  • Lastly, Hearts can also be bought in the Shop by either using Gems or Battle Coins (see below). See the Shop for more details.
Gold The standard currency of Zblitz and used for most basic tasks in the game. It is used to:
  • Craft Weapons
  • Level and Tier Up Hunters
  • Upgrade, Evolve and Tier Up weapons
  • Upgrade, Evolve, and Unequip Weapon and Armor Parts
  • Complete Story missions to receive gold.
  • Complete the special Gold Rush missiom in the Training Grounds area. Available Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12am PST.
  • Complete daily quests and achievements.
  • You can also obtain gold by selling weapons, armor parts, hunter parts, and blueprints in the Storage section. The better the item, the more gold you receive.
  • Lastly, you can buy a gold pack in the Shop directly with Gems (see below). Or you can go to the Gold Purchase-tab which allows you to buy a small amount of gold ten times per day, each time you buy gold, you have a higher chance to get more bonus Gold at the next purchase. This is also done with Gems (see below).
Gems The premium currency of Zblitz and used for the follow:
  • Add decks
  • Purchase various items in the shop: Gear Crates, Hunters, Gold, Bundles, and Hearts
  • Use instead of Honor Points (see above) to Tier Up hunters
  • Use instead of Honor Points to Evolve and Tier Up weapons
  • Use instead of Honor Points to Evolve and Evolve a weapon or gear part
  • Easiest way is buying Gems in the Shop
  • You can also receive gems by completing the various Daily Quests and Achievements
  • Log in daily to receive rewards including Gems
  • Complete the 7-day login reward – Day 1 event 
  • Complete the Rookie Hunter Mission – Missions 3, 7, and 13
Honor Points Honor Points (Medals) are mainly used to:
  • Tier up a Hunter
  • Evolve and tier up a Weapon
  • Evolve a Part
  • By completing various Achievements
  • Through the Daily Reward System
  • By completing Rookie Hunter Mission:  Mission 10
Battle Coins Battle Coins are the PvP currency and can be used in exchange for Hearts in the Shop. They can only be obtained by playing PvP matches.